• Designing a Pattern Library – Part 2 Content Audit

    The company I work for is a multi-disciplinary agency which produces a wide range of work from websites, mobile apps, custom digital activations and touch-screen kiosks. Our touch-screen kiosks are quite versatile and very popular but designing each project felt like starting from scratch everytime. I wanted to find a way to streamline this process so that our designers and developers can work more efficiently.

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  • Designing a Pattern Library – Part 1 Research

    Before I begin creating a Pattern Library I had several questions that I asked myself:

    What is a Pattern Library? What is it used for? How is it used? What are some good examples of Pattern Libraries? And finally do I need a Pattern Library?

    So with these questions and many more swimming around in my head, I’m off taking the first steps into Pattern Libraries, Research.

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  • Designing a Pattern Library – Introduction

    Recycling assets could be considered taking shortcuts, but I like to think it’s more a matter of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”. Re-using assets is not only a smarter way of working but makes sure you are delivering on your projects quickly and efficiently.

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