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The Formbay Installer app allows solar panel installers to easily capture data such as photos and documents which was then sent to the Federal Government department that looks after national solar rebates.

The ability to sign documents on the app was developed several years ago and was in need of an overhaul in UX design.

Problem Statement

How might we make signing documents on the Formbay Installer app more user-friendly and reassure users of the documents are legitimate and secure


  • Desktop research consisting of analysing the current state of signing documents on the app
  • Developed user interview guide
  • Conduct interviews of our users
  • Synthesise the data and generate key insights

Key Insights

  • User were apprehensive to signing on the app – not entirely comfortable with the process
  • Signing on the app led to a significant reduction in compliance processes
  • Not signing on the app led to a time consuming and manual process
  • Manual process consisted of sending the document via email, which was often forgotten and overlooked
  • Manual process increased the risk of fraud and incorrect paperwork being submitted


  • Make Sign on App more user-friendly and require less time than the alternative – email a document to print, sign and send back
  • Provide an explanation of the process in a friendly way that people will just accept – without making it too serious or heavy


  • Conduct user research
  • Developed user journey
  • Designed Wireframes and User Flows
  • Conduct workshops
  • Develop Illustration Brief and interviewed candidates
  • Developed concepts and prototypes
  • UI Design
  • Frontend handover

Custom Illustrations