We’re a creative UX design agency helping to design products for your customers. UX research is our focus, helping you uncover and define your user problems and provide you with the necessary information needed to arrive at a solution.

UX Research 90%
Figma 80%
Adobe Creative Suite 90%
Sketch 90%
Wordpress 97%

1. Discover

The process starts by discovering what the problem or need is. How can we develop a better user experience.

This leads to what kind for of research is needed. How we can go about uncovering the solution and identify the how best to improve the product for our the users.

2. Define

Next is to make sense of the findings, understanding how the needs of the user may align with the initial problem.

The results is to create a comprehensive design brief that clearly defines the challenges based on insights discovered during research phase.

3. Develop

At this stage we can begin developing concepts that are based on insights learned about the users.

Concepts come in a range of low fidelity (lofi) rouch sketches, mock ups and prototypes through to high fidelity (hifi) wireframes, user journeys, user interface design and prototypes.

It is during this stage concepts are rigorously tested and refined arriving at a potential solution to the problem or even develop into multiple potential solutions.

4. Deliver

Finally we come to the end and deliver the solution, preparing all deliverables for presentation and launch.


Our expertise lies in identifying the best research approach to better understand your users, synthesising the data which lead to insights, presenting you with our discovery.

  • UX research & strategy
  • Stakeholder workshop
  • Research plan
  • User interviews
  • Session facilitation
  • Insight synthesis
  • Personas
  • User testing
  • High-level findings report

We can help make sense of the research and align solutions with your business. We can help audit your current situation, define your customer needs, access the market, set your product vision and develop a project roadmap.

  • Digital strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Product vision

Using agile methodologies, we design, test, build and iterate to produce user validated products and experiences.

  • Web application design & development
  • iOS & Android design & development
  • User journey
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Prototyping
  • Branding development & design
  • Design systems
  • Information architecture
  • Product adoption & training

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