• Designing a Pattern Library – Part 2 Content Audit

    The company I work for is a multi-disciplinary agency which produces a wide range of work from websites, mobile apps, custom digital activations and touch-screen kiosks. Our touch-screen kiosks are quite versatile and very popular but designing each project felt like starting from scratch everytime. I wanted to find a way to streamline this process so that our designers and developers can work more efficiently.

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  • Designing a Pattern Library – Part 1 Research

    Before I begin creating a Pattern Library I had several questions that I asked myself:

    What is a Pattern Library? What is it used for? How is it used? What are some good examples of Pattern Libraries? And finally do I need a Pattern Library?

    So with these questions and many more swimming around in my head, I’m off taking the first steps into Pattern Libraries, Research.

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  • Designing a Pattern Library – Introduction

    Recycling assets could be considered taking shortcuts, but I like to think it’s more a matter of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”. Re-using assets is not only a smarter way of working but makes sure you are delivering on your projects quickly and efficiently.

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  • Social Media is here to Stay

    I’ve been doing a bit of research into Social Media and it’s become apparent that social media isn’t going away. Many technology writers are insisting that we are witnessing the new technological revolution, right up there with the printing press and the telephone.

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  • We are not the centre of the universe…or are we?

    I love finding complex ideas made easier to understand by simple drawings and illustrations.
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  • Imagine a Web Without UX

    Can you imagine if UX was never invented?
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  • Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs

    Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs is mainly used as a tool for teachers assessing the level of student’s learning progress. However it’s a handy tool to assess our own understanding and knowledge in today’s technologically dependent society.

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  • The Backwards Brain Bicycle

    While I’m backing up my 80GB of data I thought I’d amuse myself by jumping onto youtube. I came across a channel called Smarter Everyday by Destin and watched the embedded video.

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  • Every Offensive Trump Comment in One Place

    I will let people make their own judgements on this presidential candidate. Those who have already made up their minds, will not be deterred by anything this man will say. But for the rest of us in the world looking on, we can’t fathom how this can be a reality happening in America today?

    Trump Timeline

  • Time-lapse Anatomy Sculpture

    Time-lapse demo by Instructor Andrew Cawrse.

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