Working on White Gum Cafe was a nice break from my usual digital work. I really enjoyed the crafting something by hand and the process of discovery that takes place through countless drawings.

The owner of the cafe wanted something that represented Windsor, where the cafe is located, naming the cafe after the White Gums that is a native of the area. This brought out my inner vintage/retro designer.

With my top hat and monocle, I started sketching out the logotype. I wanted the White Gum to be a prominent part of the logo, but didn’t want to make it too obvious or literal, like drawing a silhouette of a tree. I liked the way the leaves draped around the logo, like old school flourishes or furniture decoration. I ended up with a stylised drawing, inspired by hand painted signs you would see above the doors of old pubs and shops.

2016-03-07 16.35.18 2016-03-07 16.35.39 2016-03-07 16.33.55 2016-03-07 16.33.26WhiteGumCafe-01